Overwhelmed? Finding it hard to prioritise yourself? It’s time to get your power back. Are you ready for a change?

Hi, I'm Marianna

Wife, mother and founder of MPOWERED FITNESS. Becoming a personal trainer and online coach was not where I expected life to take me (I reeeeally wanted to be Lois Lane) but sometimes you take a risk and see where it goes. I’d love to tell you more about how I ended up here.

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Looking for an online class?


We discuss your goals, then together decide which habits you need to make or break that will lead you towards those goals.


The best exercises are the ones you can perform well and consistently. Video demonstrations and feedback provided.


Any type of lifestyle change is difficult, so we provide accountability and support 1-1 and via our private Facebook group.

What We Do

I’m currently on maternity leave but you can still access my low-impact, inclusive exercise sessions online.

Keep up with me on Instagram: @mpoweredfitnessuk

Recorded Classes Subscription

Keep up with your low-impact workouts while I’m away on maternity leave.

For just £6 a month, access video recordings of my entire back catalogue of online classes.

Simply sign up online and you’ll get access to all the details!

Personal Coaching – Join the Waiting List

Sign up to be the first to hear when I’m able to start offering personal coaching sessions.

I’m not able to offer personal coaching sessions while I’m on maternity leave, but as soon as I’m back I’d love to help you achieve your personal fitness goals.


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