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For just £6 a month, get access to my entire catalogue of recorded fitness classes

Keep up with your low-impact workouts while I’m away on maternity leave.

For just £6 a month, access video recordings of my entire back catalogue of online classes.

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Coaching with compassion

This is not a bootcamp. It’s a place to feel encouraged, refreshed and empowered. As a new mother herself, Marianna, your personal trainer and postnatal specialist, offers a workout that is delivered with expertise, the most up to date research and an empathetic ear. 

Cores & floors protected

Postnatal issues such as diastasis recti (split abdominals) and pelvic floor dysfunction (incontinence, prolapse) are accommodated with breathing, core work and modified exercises. Marianna herself has pelvic organ prolapse and has navigated the journey back to strength training and running. 

Bridging rehab & fitness

The low impact approach provides a workout that will improve muscle tone, aid weight loss and stress relief. The aim is that you finish the class feeling empowered to pursue your ongoing fitness goals, having had fun along the way. 

Online support

When you book your class you’ll be invited to a private Facebook group where you can ask Marianna questions, connect with other mums, and get the support you need outside of the class time. This is where you can access recordings of previous classes. 

Build relationships

Even though we’ll all be in separate places, you’ll still be able to build relationships with other mums and your coach Marianna. And if you’re in Stockport or Manchester, hopefully we’ll meet up one day soon!

Join in from home

We start with a quick intro/catch up, then mute the mums’ mics and the workout begins. At the end of the workout, the mics are unmuted and we all chat again. Marianna can advise on form as provide modifications as needed.

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