Welcome to the Mpowered Mums community. Here you’ll find useful information about the classes, as well as links to instructional videos and class recordings.

Make sure to add me as a contact on WhatsApp: +447537 145919 and message me with any questions you have or to let me know if you’re unable to attend a class. You’ll also find me on facebook and instagram where I’ll share updates, more useful information about motherhood and fitness and the occasional cute picture of the kids. It also helps me to put faces to names, so please do say hi on the socials.

Let’s get started! 

Class Timings

I’ll be in the Signol Community Centre (SK6 3AA) fifteen minutes before your class starts. Please try to arrive a few minutes early to settle baby as the workout will started at the advertised class time, but please don’t worry if you’re late – just come and join in when you can. I know how hard it can be to just get out the house! 

Start with your Core – Video

Postnatal recovery begins with building strength from the inside, out. One way we do this is by using our breathing to re-connect with and engage our core and pelvic floors. In this video I introduce the breathing pattern we’ll be using as well as demonstrate some of the core exercises we use at home and that you can practice between session. 

The Workouts

Work at your own pace and don’t feel you have to keep up with anyone else. You’re all at different stages in your postnatal recovery with some mums repeating the term. The exercises progress over the term, so if you miss a week, try to catch up on the recording if you can. 

Don’t worry if you have to stop to feed, change a nappy etc. Some weeks just may not go to plan, and that’s ok. Working out with little ones isn’t always easy so just do the best you can. I am not phased by screaming babies and will happily shout over them as necessary!

If anything doesn’t feel right or you’re concerned about your core, pelvic floor or anything else, please let me know. There’s no such thing as TMI with me! 


Prams are welcome but we don’t have a separate space to store prams at the venue, so if you’re driving and park directly opposite, please could I ask that you bring baby in a car seat or carry them so we don’t fill the room with prams. Please don’t struggle though – if carrying baby is hard work, bring them in the pram. 


There is some on-street parking directly opposite The Signol that’s free for an hour, or you can park along Hill Rise cul de sac (not blocking anyone’s drives please). There is also a small pay and display car park (40p for an hour with cash or the RingGo app). Turn on Hill Rise and the car park is on Dye Lane.

Set Up/Facilities

I have toys, mats, baby seats and bumbos, but feel free to bring anything you think baby might like or a blanket to put down over the venue’s mats. All equipment for your workout is provided. There are toilets on site with a baby change and a small kitchen if you need hot water for bottles.

Social Media

When I remember, I take some pictures of the class so other mums get an idea of what to expect and also, it really helps to promote my small business. The pictures are usually a wide angle shot of the room (no close ups) and I’ll let you know when I’m taking one. If you’d like to ensure that your face or your baby’s face isn’t visible, just send me a message.

Class Recordings – Archive

Below are a collection of class recordings for you to access if you miss a week and want to do something at home instead. 

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five

Week Six

If you’ve made it this far, well done!! If you enjoy the class and want to support my little business, you can do that by leaving a review. If you have a Facebook profile, you can do that here, or alternatively, if you have gmail, leave a Google Business review here. Thanks so much!

PS – Ready for a new challenge?

Why not consider small group PT?! SGPT is a guided introduction to gym-based strength and conditioning, working closely with me and a small group of like-minded mums. Want to get strong for motherhood? Interesting in using weights or training for a return to running or other sports? Send the word CHALLENGE to +447537 145919 and I’ll send you over the info.