‘Marianna was the perfect mix of meeting me where I was at, but also encouraging me to push myself. I always felt safe and never felt judged which was so important to me having struggled with insecurity about the way I look or my fitness levels.’
‘After just a few weeks with Marianna I began to enjoy going to the gym and working out. I had tried PTs at the gym and classes before but struggled to stick to anything. I was keen not to get in shape through a crazy diet or fitness plan that I could never keep up, as I knew I’d give in! Marianna listened to all of this and helped me slowly realise the things I needed to do to lead a healthier life style. She is not pushy at all but really supportive! She tracks my food consumption through an app and gives me pointers, even coming up with some good solutions when I was struggling to lose weight despite me thinking I was eating well. She tracks my Fitbit data and lets me know if I’m doing well or could be doing things differently. She also sets home workouts for me that are easy to follow at home with limited equipment. She really is fantastic and I would recommend her to anyone, like me, who wants to feel supported in their efforts to live healthier and not feel judged or embarrassed!’
‘Marianna is such a versatile PT, she helped me identify emotional eating triggers and build up a healthy manageable routine, during our time together she would do regular and in-depth check ins, not just for health and fitness but about life too and I found that to be important on my road to a better lifestyle, she’s super approachable and and exceptionally professional, I managed to lose weight even though I was in lockdown – I hope to work with Marianna again in the future!’
‘First time exercising after having my first baby… I’m so glad I chose to do classes with Marianna! Great for all levels of fitness and a nice calm environment for baby to play whilst I work!’
‘Marianna created a programme for me that I can follow at home, that is do-able, but also really challenges me. She’s great at keeping in contact and reviewing goals and progress and then changing or adding new workouts to reflect those conversations and is so good at just checking in to see how you’re doing in general. It’s great to work with someone who takes time to understand where you’re at and what you want to achieve, and who is so encouraging but will also kick your butt while she does it! I’ve got a way better grasp of my overall wellbeing since I began training with Marianna – not just in my physical fitness and nutrition but also with keeping healthy mindsets and habits on good and bad days.'
‘Marianna listened to my goals and helped me to recognised what I needed to achieve, and she was great at putting together a workout that suited me. All the sessions were inspiring and interesting – a great thing when I usually find the gym very boring. Marianna walked me through everything at the gym so I felt really confident about completing every workout. I would highly recommend working with Marianna. She takes time to understand what you need and where you struggle. She works alongside you and is always rooting for you to achieve your goals.’
‘For pretty much the first time in my life (and with a big thanks to Marianna) I’m exercising consistently. My mental health, although it’s not ever been consistently low, is way better. I’m happier and healthier and I sleep better. Shame is a crappy motivator and women in general have way too much of it regarding our bodies. At the end of the day, I’m happy with how I look and I’m waaaaay happier with how I feel, because I feel strong in a million different ways.’
‘Marianna gives great advice, has wise words and is kind with no judgement.’