I started working with Marianna in November 2019 and I am completely converted! I think in my first conversation with Marianna I told her that I hated the gym and I was just not the type of person who got the whole fitness thing! I actually think I told her I’d be a pain in the ass and moan the whole time!

I had reluctantly sought out a PT after struggling to motivate myself to become healthier! I’d recently changed my job and had a better work/life balance so thought it was a good time to invest in myself!

After just a few weeks Marianna had converted me into someone who enjoys going to the gym and working out. I had tried PTs at the gym and classes before but struggled to stick to anything. I was keen not to get in shape through a crazy diet or fitness plan that I could never keep up, as I knew I’d give in!

Marianna listened to all of this and helped me slowly realise the things I needed to do to lead a healthier life style, she is not pushy at all but really supportive! And to see how much she managed to fit into her day with a young child, you can only be inspired to do more yourself.

I’ve always been self-conscious at the gym and lacked a lot of confidence when it came to exercising. Marianna found a small gym for us to work out together where there is often just myself and Marianna there. There also offered home sessions, but I prefer the gym as there is more room and equipment. Importantly she never made me feel like I couldn’t do something or made excuses for me, so I’ve proved myself wrong on many occasions.

She tracks my food consumption through an app and gives me pointers, even coming up with some good solutions when I was struggling to lose weight despite me thinking I was eating well! She tracks my Fitbit data and lets me know if I’m doing well or could be doing things differently. She also sets home workouts for me that are easy to follow at home with limited equipment.

During the COVID pandemic she has been great, we do all our sessions interactively whether that’s me joining her live on Facebook/Instagram or a 1:1 session on Zoom. She has tried hard to keep in touch and keep me motivated, despite probably struggling with the circumstances herself!

She really is fantastic and I would recommend her to anyone, like me, who wants to feel supported in their efforts to live healthier and not feel judged or embarrassed!

Thank You Marianna, here’s to the next 6 months!