I started working with Marianna in June of this year after I moved to NZ; I’ve been working out in a gym for the last few years and was keen to carry on once I moved but knew I needed some help as I had reached a point in my fitness where I felt frustrated and had hit a bit of a dip.

Marianna created a program for me that I can follow at home, that is do-able but also really challenges me in the areas that I need it/have asked for it! She’s great at keeping in contact and reviewing goals and progress and then changing or adding new workouts to reflect those conversations and is so good at just checking in to see how you’re doing in general. I really appreciate having that accountability which I don’t think you always get with a PT; I’ve found that to be a big motivator, especially at points when I’ve found things a bit hard because I know there’s no judgement – it’s like having your own cheerleader and I’m finding I’m starting to be able to do things that I’d written off being able to ever do.

I can’t recommend Marianna highly enough. It’s great to work with someone who takes time to understand where you’re at and what you want to achieve, and who is so encouraging but will also kick your butt while she does it! I’ve got a way better grasp of my overall wellbeing since I began training with Marianna – not just in my physical fitness and nutrition but also with keeping healthy mindsets and habits on good and bad days.

If you’re thinking about training with Marianna, DO IT! It’ll do wonders for your confidence.

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