Marianna was the perfect mix of meeting me where I was at, but also encouraging me to push myself. I always felt safe and never felt judged which was so important to me having struggled with insecurity about the way I look or my fitness levels.

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I enjoy activity now! My mental health, although it’s not ever been consistently low, is way better. I’m happier and healthier and I sleep better.

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Marianna really is fantastic and I would recommend her to anyone, like me, who wants to feel supported in their efforts to live healthier and not feel judged or embarrassed.

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I would highly recommend working with Marianna. She takes time to understand what you need and where you struggle. She works alongside you and is always rooting for you to achieve your goals.

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First time exercising after having my first baby… I’m so glad I chose to do classes with Marianna! Great for all levels of fitness and a nice calm environment for baby to play whilst I work!

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I can’t recommend Marianna highly enough. It’s great to work with someone who takes time to understand where you’re at and what you want to achieve, and who is so encouraging but will also kick your butt while she does it!

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