A safe space for new babies and mothers.

Nurture is a gentle first step to reclaim your body postpartum and bond with your baby.

Whether you’ve had a c-section, want to reconnect your core, or need guidance on where and how to start, these sessions set a great foundation for you and your baby.

Combining Baby Massage with restorative and gentle exercises suitable for early postpartum, Nurture will reconnect you with your body before you start moving more.

Suitable from 2 weeks to 4 months postpartum.

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Why Nurture?

  • Dedicated time to connect and bond with your baby.
  • A better understanding of your postnatal body.
  • Gentle stretches to ease any aches and pains.
  • Baby massage to help with colic, digestion, and that all important sleep.
  • Learn exercises and breathing techniques to gently rebuild your core.
  • Meet other new mums and gain confidence getting out and about.
  • Enjoy a safe place to connect and get advice.
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What to expect

We’ll cover a practical demonstration and education around baby massage and its benefits. And of course, support with your postnatal recovery.

Not only is this a great opportunity to bond with your baby and meet other new mums. This is a welcoming and relaxing environment to connect with your body again.

Early postpartum self care includes gentle core and pelvic floor exercises you can do before returning to more structured exercise.

As a postnatal specialist, I can help with any questions you may have around early postnatal care and recovery. That could include c-section recovery, diastasis recti and pelvic health, as well as when and how best to return to exercise or a specific sport.

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Other Details

  • Our sessions are relaxed, welcoming and quiet. A safe space during those early days.
  • The session runs for 60 minutes and is limited to a small group.
  • Massage oils are provided.

A safe space to start.