A guided introduction/reintroduction to strength and conditioning.

Motherhood is hard work on your body. And a strong body can do more without feeling exhausted.

If you’ve experienced strength training before and are eager to get back to it. Or maybe working out in a crowded gym environment isn’t your idea of a good time? Perhaps you want the benefits of a PT at an affordable cost? Mpower will take your workout to the next level.

Mpower gives you personalised attention as well as a supportive community.

Suitable for mums from 12 weeks postpartum, with pre-walking babies welcome.

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Why MPower?

  • Improved strength and fitness levels.
  • Confidence in navigating weights and weightlifting.
  • A safe and supportive environment for both mum and baby.
  • A close-knit community of like-minded workout buddies.
  • Personalised attention from a PT and pre/postnatal expert.
  • Weight management through empowering exercise.
  • Opportunity for post-pregnancy strength surpassing pre-pregnancy levels.
  • Effective stress and anxiety management through healthy workouts.
  • Reduced aches and pains, stronger muscles, and joint health to mitigate risk of injury.
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What to expect

  • Small group personal training in a private studio.
  • Individual strength and conditioning sessions led by a PT and pre/postnatal exercise specialist.
  • Gym-based strength and conditioning with low-impact modifications.
  • Tracked progress, offering a clear view of your journey.
  • Weekly 60-minute sessions with fun finishers, circuits, and dedicated core work.
  • Mobility stretches for flexibility and injury prevention.
  • Monthly membership including a private FB group, home workouts, socials, and coaching calls.
  • Gym-based strength using dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells where suitable.
  • Key lifts repeated over 4-6 weeks for tangible progress and improved form.
  • Variety through circuits, challenging finishers, and progressed core movements.
  • Focus on building strong bodies for motherhood, ensuring safety for DR and pelvic organ dysfunction.
  • Tailored exercises to suit individual recovery, ability, and fitness experience.
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Other Details

  • Weekly 60-minute sessions in small, supportive groups.
  • Wear your comfortable activewear, bring a water bottle.
  • Baby mats and toys provided, but feel free to bring anything to keep your little one comfortable and content.

Mpower yourself in a small group setting.