Big results with low impact.

There’s a number of reasons why a fitness routine might feel hard. Maybe postnatal issues have lingered making getting started harder. Or you’ve struggled to make the time as your kids have got older. That’s why I created Elevate to be fun and endorphin-boosting.

As a resistance/weighted workout, ELEVATE is low-impact but energising.

Whatever your starting point, you can achieve a stronger, fitter body in 6 weeks.

Suitable from 12 weeks + postpartum.

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Why Elevate?

  • A fun full body workout with energising tunes to keep you motivated.
  • Safe for diastasis recti and pelvic organ dysfunction.
  • An upbeat 40 minutes that will leave you feeling full of energy.
  • A stronger, fitter body in 6 weeks.
  • Become part of a group of like-minded mums.
  • Improve your sense of wellbeing and body confidence.
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What to expect

  • A 40-minute dynamic, Body Pump style workout.
  • Joyful full-body exercise incorporating squats, lunges, upper body presses, rows, glute and core exercises.
  • Safe for diastasis recti and weak pelvic floors.
  • Engaging exercises using light dumbbells, resistance-based routines and low-impact cardio.
  • Exercises expertly modified for prenatal and postnatal stages.
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Other Details

  • Elevate is modifiable for various fitness levels, i.e. it’s a safe place to be a beginner.
  • Six-week terms aligning with school terms.

Big results, low impact.