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Throughout my twenties, I struggled with weight gain, unhealthy cycles of restrictive eating and bingeing and was inconsistent with exercise. I have now maintained a healthy weight for the past seven years. I enjoy exercise and eat the foods I enjoy. For years I had a goal weight that I was unable to hit, and then one day, I realised I had not just hit that goal, but surpassed it. What changed? Well, it was a process, that for me, took some time, but I’ve distilled it down into 3 key areas. It’s these 3 keys that I want so share with you today in this case study. Enter your details below to access the video now and discover

What our clients say

I loved working with Marianna. She listened to my goals before we started and helped me to recognise what I needed to achieve. Marianna was great at putting together a workout that suited me. As I was really busy during the run up to wedding I could complete my sessions whenever needed and always felt encouraged by her.
Online Client - gym workouts
I can’t recommend Marianna highly enough. It great to work with someone who takes time to understand where you’re at and what you want to achieve, and who is so encouraging but will also kick your butt while she does it! I’ve got a way better grasp of my overall wellbeing since I began training Marianna – not just in my physical fitness and nutrition but also with keeping healthy mindsets and habits on good and bad days.
Online Client - home workouts
Marianna was the perfect mix of meeting me where I was at, but also encouraging me to push myself. I always felt safe and never felt judged which was so important to me having struggled with insecurity about the way I look or my fitness levels.
In-person Client