Coaching Packages

We have a range of coaching packages to suit your schedule and budget. Online coaching gives you more contact and regular support than traditional gym-based PT.

Do you need a flexible plan that will fit around your busy life? Choose BESPOKE. Need more support and a weekly commitment to keep you on track? Choose BRONZE. 

Pre or Postnatal? You’re in the right place. Just select the appropriate option on sign up for any of the below packages and your programme will be adjusted accordingly. You will be asked to complete a pre or postnatal questionnaire. Find out more about MPOWERED Mums →


£ 50 a month
  • Three workouts a week for home or gym, on a six-weekly rotation*​
  • Workouts delivered through our app with video demonstrations​
  • Record your consistency and progress through our app
  • Monthly review and goal-setting sheet​
  • Submit weekly measurements and monthly progress photos (optional)
  • Habit tracking – including daily physical activity, water intake, sleep


£ 100 a month
  • MPOWERED Basic, plus:
  • Initial online consultation to determine individual goals and programme design
  • Monthly 30 minute coaching call to review goals, programme and nutrition​
  • Weekly check-ins with your coach through our app
  • Individualised nutritional plan depending on goals (flexible options including food diary and macro or calorie tracking)**


£ 180 a month
  • MPOWERED Bespoke, plus:
  • One weekly 60-minute one-to-one online PT session
  • Two additional personalised workouts a week (on a six-weekly rotation)

Need more?

Explore our bespoke packages which feature more regular one-to-one PT sessions.

Please note that our Gold package has very limited availability and is only advisable as a temporary option to give you a serious and well guided start to your exercise and nutrition. The goal is not to stay here but transition to one of the smaller packages to ensure you’re taking ownership of your own health and wellbeing outside of your coaching sessions. You can’t automatically sign up for this package.


£ 260 a month
  • MPOWERED Bronze, plus:
  • Two weekly 60-minute one-to-one online PT sessions


£ 350 a month
  • MPOWERED Silver, plus:
  • Three weekly 60-minute one-to-one online PT sessions

All coaching packages run on a monthly basis with payment by Direct Debit. There is no lock-in and you can cancel at any time, however I recommend at least a three-month commitment.

* For the first month no equipment is required, but to progress effectively beyond that point dumbbells and resistance bands will be needed. Recommendations are provided.

** Diet and nutrition can be a complex and emotive issue, that’s why I don’t have a one-size-fits-all model. Together we agree on the right approach that fits your goals but also supports your mental wellbeing.

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