Hi, I'm Marianna

Marianna Engall personal trainer
PT wasn’t my first job – or tenth!  Over the years I’ve worked for a number of creative and digital industries, but my interest and passion for fitness (once I found it) never left. So, here’s a bit more about me and why I’m here.
    • Maternity leave sounded like a great time for studying, a career change and starting a business (Ha! I was a fool!)
    • I grew up as a skinny kid, not bothered by food. But things changed, and so did my body. Throw in a messy break up and I was no longer the one in charge. Food had the power and I had to find a way to get my power back. (Spoiler: I got it back and you can have it too!)
    • My journey to health and maintained weight loss was longer than it needed to be. I now have the tools (and mistakes) to share with you so you can get there quicker than I did.
    • I’m an introvert who likes people. One to one or small groups are best, although I used to DJ and now I teach spin, so I guess I’ve always enjoyed a party.
    • Motherhood changes everything. I understand the struggles of becoming a mum and my own expectations about my postnatal recovery and return to fitness were naive at best, misinformed and dangerous at worse.
    • I have pelvic organ prolapse and want to help other mothers to avoid it or at least manage it well. I am passionately protective of mothers and their bodies, providing workouts that protect their cores and pelvic floors. Mothers are struggling in ways that most of us will never hear or know about. They are superheroes. If you’re a mum, know that you’re a superhero and deserve the best care.
    • I value honesty and integrity, without judgement. You should know right now that I’m not perfect. (Unless there’s a small miracle, I won’t be posting pics of rock hard abs). When I made the decision to become a PT I had to quieten a lot of internal voices that told me ‘you’re not lean enough, strong enough or young enough to be a PT’. You might agree with those voices, but this I know: I have something to share that works. I have something to give of value. I’ve struggled and got breakthrough. I’ve been broken (mainly by having a baby) and I’ve healed – but I’ll never be the same and that’s OK.

So, here I am. I’m empowered and you can be too.

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I studied with the world renowned Girls Gone Strong to ensure I had the most up to date qualification regarding prenatal exercise and postnatal recovery. I also refer to Women’s Health Physios (and see one myself). 


For years, fitness and nutrition were a passion of mine. With encouragement from my husband I took the leap – ditched the desk and made the dream a reality. I specialise in women’s fitness and low impact exercises.


If you enjoy spin classes, you might bump into me around Manchester. I cover spin classes for a number of local gyms and like to host bootcamp meet ups for clients and non-clients alike. I spend way too long making my playlists!